Online marketing for medical studies

We are the leading European advertising agency in patient recruitment for clinical trials.

As a market leader, we have processed over 250.000 patient and participant study registrations.

With our expertise in understanding the demands of CROs, our extensive experience in dealing with patients and participants, and our knowledge on requirements for ethics commissions, we provide customized marketing strategies for clinical research organizations that are interested in improving their patient recruitment process.

We can help find participants for your study!

Are you looking for healthy participants or patients who suffer from asthma, diabetes, psoriasis or other medical conditions for your study?

We have the necessary expertise to find suitable local patients and participants for your study, even on short notice.

With the help of our proven campaign tools, we can quickly draw up and publish custom advertisements for your specific study.

Just a few hours after publication, you will already have your first registrants.

How does it work?

During a free preliminary meeting, you provide us with the study details of the patient population you are currently interested in finding.

From there, we take this information and use our knowledge and data collected from hundreds of other studies we have worked on to create a solid advertising plan.

With our proven micro-targeting techniques, we show online advertisements to relevant target groups based on your inclusion criteria.

You will receive the contact details of interested participants and can contact them directly.

How much does it cost?

We find patients and participants – fast, efficient, and at an affordable rate. The costs of our services are comparatively low. Go ahead and try out our approach on one of your previous studies in which you had problems related to the recruitment process.

The advantage of online advertising is that we can utilize these advertisements with almost zero losses. You can independently determine your advertising budget.

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For over 20 years, we have been implementing promising
digital strategies regarding patient recruitment for clinical studies.

Our Digital Solutions

Study Portal

By clicking on our advertisement, interested parties are directed to our study portal. Here, they can find detailed information about the study and decide if it is right for them. The participant can then leave their contact information and answer the preliminary screening questions. The portal is optimized for all devices including mobile devices.



Upon request, we can provide pre-screening services to test the different inclusions and exclusions beforehand. This way your call center agents or clinical investigators can directly determine how suitable participants are and contact those who meet the criteria.

CRO Database Software

With our specially developed CRO Database Software, we are continually enhancing patient and participant profiles so that we can present you with an optimal set of data.

Data Protection

Our web servers are SSL-encrypted and the security of our web applications and programs is regularly verified and is certified by external specialists.

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